October 20th, 2013

BOOKS – Give and Take

Are You A Giver, A Taker, Or A Matcher?

Reciprocity styles have always held a special fascination for Adam Grant of The Wharton School. How we reciprocate for thoughtful gestures and acts of kindness by others is influenced by a number of factors, including culture, life experience and expectations, according to Grant.

Most people act


October 13th, 2013

NEWS – A Good Week For Downtown

Coastal Commission Approves Convention Center Expansion, Symphony Hall Renamed, And The Urban Core Gets A New Vision

There was good news for downtown, and therefore greater San Diego, on several fronts this week, including a needed boost for the region’s tourism industry, as well as the arts and education sectors.

Following many years of delay,


October 5th, 2013

BOOKS – The Servant

A Simple Story About The True Essence of Leadership

This short, gem of a read is a story about a seemingly successful businessman whose career and personal life are actually spiraling in the wrong direction — downward. He is failing horribly in all of his leadership roles (father, boss, coach) and somewhat in denial about his