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A blog on urban living, books, and the perennial search for the “Great Good Place” (or Third Place), as well as other pursuits and amusements of Salvatore Giametta.  From time to time, these topics may include current affairs (global and local), media, culture, technology, marketing, professional development, executive leadership, service excellence, and hospitality presented with an insider’s perspective, a keen sense of curiosity and a sharp wit.


salreadingSalvatore Giametta lives in San Diego, California and is a committed urbanista, avid reader and devoted library supporter, among other things.  The immediate past chairman of the City of San Diego’s Board of Library Commissioners, Sal is the recipient of the 2015 San Diego County Hotel-Motel Association (HMA) Gold Key Award, the 2008 HMA award for outstanding service to the hospitality industry, and the 2004 San Diego Press Club Award for excellence in public relations.


Sal is Chief of Staff to San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts.  Prior to joining Team Roberts in 2009, Sal served as vice president of public affairs and communications at the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau (now the San Diego Tourism Authority), following his tenure as a top aide to former San Diego Mayor Maureen O’Connor.


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